All the world’s an ad, and we are merely watchers

Jennifer Faull writing for The Drum (emphasis mine):

Accenture’s R&D division has spent the last year developing breakthrough product placement technology that can seamlessly insert a brand into online video, including the ability to replace existing labelling.

And also:

[We wanted] to [be able to] monetise (sic) huge back catalogues of existing video content as well as offer content creators a way to place advertising in a non-disruptive way, open it to the marketplace and give them the benefit of a programmatic platform,” said Naressi.

The world of 30 Rock — where Jerry Seinfeld is being digitally inserted into NBC’s new programming lineup without his knowledge or consent — is becoming real.

I foresee advertising getting really…subtle. Like, when I see a Microsoft Surface in a TV series now, I know it’s a paid product placement. But soon everything will be a product placement, and it’ll change depending on whether you just searched Google for new socks or for pimple cream.

NBC’s Superstore is going to thrive.

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