The Grand Whac-A-Mole Sabotage

Florida man loads Whac-A-Mole games with viruses, makes a cool $100,000.

Marvin WimberlyMarvin Wimberly, of Daytona Beach, Florida, is facing up to fifteen years in prison. His crime? Planting programmed logic bombs in numerous arcade games, such as the ever popular Whac-A-Mole. These computer viruses would systematically shut down the game after a set number of days. As a repair man, Marvin Wimberly used this ploy to maintain job security, being the only person capable of fixing these “broken” machines. At the time of repair, he would then simply plant a new logic bomb.

It is estimated that Wimberly’s exploits have cost the arcade game manufacturer, Holly Hill, at least $100,000 as well as damage to the company’s reputation.

Apparently Wimberly got a bit too cocky, and told a few of the company’s employees about his virtually undetectable virus plating, which lead to months of technical work to prove. He is now being charged in the Florida legal system for “offenses against intellectual property.”

I’m just happy that the Whac-A-Mole game is finally being recognized as “intellectual property.” I’ve been saying this for years.

Photo by JDRedding.

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