Wikileaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Wikileaks is nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. Is this good news, or completely meaningless?

Wikileaks, the now famous (infamous?) whistle-blowing website has been nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. They’re up against a bit of competition (a record 241 nominees this year), but this website, founded by Australian Julian Assange, is definitely one of the most controversial nominations on the ballot.

Nobel Peace Prize MedalsIf Wikileaks wins the Nobel Peace Prize, they will be awarded a piece of metal, a personal diploma, and a cash reward (a little over $1 million in USD). It may also add a layer of legitimacy to Wikileaks, who is currently under fire from governments, political talking heads, and banks alike. Especially since the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to newly elected US President Barak Obama just two years earlier.

On the other hand, maybe the Nobel Peace Prize just doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Barak Obama was awarded the prize in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Remember, he had only been in office for nine months at that point; he hadn’t really done anything yet. And his administration has since proven to go above and beyond any other administration in regards to hunting anyone attempting to share the details of these “extraordinary” international diplomacy efforts being perpetrated by the US government.

At least the Nobel Peace Prize nomination is bringing a bit of positive attention for the revolutionary website. I think the general public, many of whom aren’t following the Wikileaks stories closely, will be more willing to accept the legitimacy of the website. It’s much easier to get mainstream acceptance when backed by organizations such as the Nobel Peace Prize committee rather than simply a small group of (albiet important) activists calling themselves Anonymous. Wikileaks need as many organizations on their side as possible, and the Nobel Prize nomination is extremely positive support.

IAmDann does, and will always, support free speech.

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  1. Scummy says:

    The Nobel Prize has proven to be, to employ the parlance of high school government election speeches, a popularity contest. What can you do? I understand Obama receiving some recognition, frankly just for being what he is. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say I’d like to see Wikileaks legitimized. But this ain’t the Grammys, fella.

    • Dann says:

      I’m all about Obama getting recognition for his actual accomplishments. Such as being the first black president in the United States.

      But a Nobel Peace Prize? Which was awarded specifically “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”? If you can’t call that, bullshit, then I think there might be a slight bias somewhere. Unless you can site examples of Obama specifically strengthening international diplomacy and cooperation.

      I also doubt that a Grammy would bring any sort of legitimacy to Wikileaks. In fact, I feel it would do just the opposite (in addition to illegitimizing the Grammy system. The Wikileaks album sucked.)

      • Mark Hurley says:

        We agree completely there. I just expressed myself poorly. The wording should have been changed to something like, “For embodying the modernist predilection toward acceptance and respect for all the world’s peoples, and being a beacon for a nation that has purported to embody those ideals but has never quite figured it out.” No less grand, a little more truthful.

  2. Vatasescu L says:

    nominated for the 2011 nobel peace prize

  3. Dann says:

    Glad to hear I’m not alone!

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