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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who help support my cat Maimonides after his surgery.

Custom Art to Fund Cat Surgery!

My roommate Jillian has been kind enough to offer custom artwork to help pay for Maimonides surgery. She is an absolutely amazing artist, so now is the time to take advantage of a great deal, and you’d be helping out a ton.

Five Things Siri Should Do

Siri, the iPhone personal assistant, is available this Friday and she’s packed with a ton of great features. From checking the weather to managing your calendar and responding to texts, Siri is definitely going to make an impact on iPhone productivity. We know what Siri will be able to do at launch, but what will […]

The Richest People in America

The rich are getting richer, the 99%-ers are occupying Wall Street, and the playing field for building wealth is evening out. We are living in interesting times.