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Visual Re-Imagining of the Weather

I’m really into super simple applications that rely on intuitive visual clues to convey information. Using color to represent the weather, as in this iPhone app, really sets a mood along with providing weather information. Another great example of intuitive design is the popular Clear To-Do list app. I don’t actually use Clear on a […]


Rob Gonda: …after 3 years all [Google Glass has] managed to do is to take pictures and video, a bit disappointing since you can buy a much better Spy camera eyeglasses for $100. This.

Getting Busy and Being Social for the Socially Awkward

A few years ago I found myself out of a long-term relationship and suddenly had nothing but free time. As a homebody, both in and out of relationships, this was fantastic. I’d take the long way home after work, pop in a movie, and relax. I steadily worked my way through my Netflix queue. I […]

Buying Facebook Stock for $38

Joseph Pisani, reporting for the AP in the moments before Facebook’s IPO: [Dennis Hitchings] said that he doesn’t think Facebook is worth $100 billion — “They don’t have the revenue” — but he did say he would buy the stock at $38. Um, yeah. If you’re able to but the stock at just $38 then […]

TED Censorship: The Rich Don’t Create Jobs

Edit: You can read Chris Anderson’s full explaination on his blog. Here’s an excerpt: We discussed [whether or not to feature the video] internally and ultimately told the speaker we did not plan to post. He did not react well. He had hired a PR firm to promote the talk to MoveOn and others, and the PR firm […]

Facebook is Censoring Me

I first noticed it May 10th. I made a post on my blog and, as I always do, shot the link out to twitter and posted it for my small group of friends and family on Facebook. I posted the link using the Facebook iPhone app and it instantly appeared in my newsfeed. I then […]