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I do not think is the answer. I do believe Dalton’s views on the detrimental nature of ad-supported services is spot-on. There are, however, fatal flaws with customer supported services, too. People do not want to pay for digital services or goods. It’s been like this since the invent of the Internet. Thanks to […]

Cyborgs, Biohacking, and Magnetic Implants

Ben Popper, writing for The Verge: People passing by gave us odd stares as Berg and I stood next to each other in the street, waving our hands around inside an invisible field, like mystics groping blindly for a ghost. Fantastic article about the current state of biohacking. And I helped.

Damning Bit of Evidence

John Paczkowski and Ina Fried for AllThingsD via John Gruber: As part of its case against Samsung, Apple has shown snippets of an internal Samsung document comparing the original Galaxy S phone with the iPhone…[going] feature by feature, evaluating how Samsungโ€™s phone stacks up against the iPhone. This is definitely some damning evidence. The entire […]

New 4″ iPhone: All But Confirmed

Mark Gurman for 9to5Mac: Thanks to some tweaks to the iOS Simulator application that is included in the iOS development tools, we were able to run the simulator at the rumored next-generation iPhone display resolution of 640 x 1136…The iOS 5.1 simulator displayed the home screen with a stretched set of four rows of icons…iOS […]