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New Study on Tylenol and Its Effect on Moral Judgement

James Hamblin, for The Atlantic: Among people who took the placebo pill, those who wrote about existential anxiety set much higher bail ($450) [for prostitution] than those who wrote about the dentist ($300). But if they took Tylenol and wrote existentially, that sense of moral judgement seemed to be blunted. There was a tiny sample […]

He Didn’t Immediately Issue A Takedown Notice?

Vivek Ramachandran’s code ended up in the movie/trailer for White House Down: How do I feel about this?ย Great..Also, the character in front of the computer seems quite excited (hands raised) as he is downloading / viewing / running my code ๐Ÿ™‚ What could make a developer more happy than to see his code inciting such […]