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A new hope for the blockchain?

Soaring crypto prices at the end of 2017 gave mainstream attention/interest to both crypto currency and the blockchain. The subsequent price crash separated people back into (mostly) two camps: dedicated “holders” and the mostly-disinterested public. While I personally have my doubts about crypto as a currency (beyond simply a medium of exchange between fiat), I […]

I’m still searching for the ideal tracker.

Every fitness device promises to help you get in shape by measuring and understanding your activity data, but can trackers actually help you become a healthier person? I strapped on eight different devices and apps and set out to learn everything I could about my body while taking a jog. Check out the rest of […]

My Profile was Featured

Apparently decided to feature my picture in their latest outgoing email blast. Hadn’t really logged into that account since I created it. But hey, can’t argue against free publicity! Great company too, based on my personal experiences thus far.

TED Censorship: The Rich Don’t Create Jobs

Edit: You can read Chris Anderson’s full explaination on his blog. Here’s an excerpt: We discussed [whether or not to feature the video] internally and ultimately told the speaker we did not plan to post. He did not react well. He had hired a PR firm to promote the talk to MoveOn and others, and the PR firm […]

Facebook is Censoring Me

I first noticed it May 10th. I made a post on my blog and, as I always do, shot the link out to twitter and posted it for my small group of friends and family on Facebook. I posted the link using the Facebook iPhone app and it instantly appeared in my newsfeed. I then […]

On Being Scammed by “Internet Marketers”

A longform piece by Joseph Flatley writing for The Verge: It was only when he got back home [from the hospital] and started to recover, and “started thinking like a person again” that Joseph realized that Rob Martino, the salesman from Raygoza’s operation, the one who claimed his brother was also a paraplegic, had ripped […]