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All the world’s an ad, and we are merely watchers

Jennifer Faull writing for The Drum (emphasis mine): Accenture’s R&D division has spent the last year developing breakthrough product placement technology that can seamlessly insert a brand into online video, including the ability to replace existing labelling. And also: “[We wanted] to [be able to] monetise (sic) huge back catalogues of existing video content as well […]

Economics of fake news

Scott Shane for the New York Times: Within a few days, the story, which had taken him 15 minutes to concoct, had earned him about $5,000. That was a sizable share of the $22,000 an accounting statement shows he made during the presidential campaign from ads for shoes, hair gel and web design that Google […]

Canary in the coal mine

Christopher Glazek writing for The Outline: “The problem is that with Gawker gone there was no one around willing to proudly play the heel and do the wrong thing.” While publishing the full dossier might have been off-brand for Vox, we should be grateful that BuzzFeed is filling some of the vacuum left by Peter […]

It’s been a long journey

The launch of the 24-hour news cycle thanks to cable news The Daily Show showing the government’s spin machine and the news media’s hypocrisy The tea party/conservative radio amplifying the disdain and distrust of the media The internet/Facebook flooding users with content (both real and not) with both sides calling the other “fake” Not a […]

Best music videos ever made, ranked

Best music videos ever made, ranked (many NSFW): 5. Whiskey Shivers – Gimme All Your Lovin’ 4. DYE – Fantasy 3. Major Lazer – Pon De Floor 2. Biting Elbows – Bad Motherfucker 1. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart Honorable mentions: DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What, Major Lazer – Bubble Butt, El Guincho – […]

Berenst#in Bears hit close to home

Nightmares are much more powerful when you’re younger. I can’t really remember any bad dreams I’ve had over the past five years (although I’m sure that I had them) but I still vividly remember a nightmare I had at age five when a wolf was stalking our family van. I was looking out the back of […]