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On the Internet, People Only Rally Once

If I was a successful corporation or government entity and I wanted the general public to accept a policy that was good for me but bad for them1, I might do something like the following: Create a Terms and Conditions page that’s sure to create a bunch of link-bating headlines that would be shared all […]

Buying Facebook Stock for $38

Joseph Pisani, reporting for the AP in the moments before Facebook’s IPO: [Dennis Hitchings] said that he doesn’t think Facebook is worth $100 billion — “They don’t have the revenue” — but he did say he would buy the stock at $38. Um, yeah. If you’re able to but the stock at just $38 then […]

Facebook is Censoring Me

I first noticed it May 10th. I made a post on my blog and, as I always do, shot the link out to twitter and posted it for my small group of friends and family on Facebook. I posted the link using the Facebook iPhone app and it instantly appeared in my newsfeed. I then […]

Facebook: Strictly Numbers

Dustin Curtis has a great post about Facebook, as seen strictly through the numbers of their most recent S-1 filing. This part really caught my attention: Executive compensation in 2011 (cash+stock) $30,957,952 Sheryl Sandberg, COO $24,804,472 Mike Schroepfer, VP Engineering $18,761,293 David Ebersman, CFO $7,082,294 Theodore Ullyot, VP, General Counsel $1,712,362 Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Especially interesting since Sheryl Sandberg will […]